We have carved a niche for our selves in the fabrication of components for the defence industry given are the list of products that have rolled out of factory in the recent past 

  • Flat beds with Hydraulic and Mechanical stabilizer for installing shelters on the vehicle.  
  • Vehicle modification for VIP security.(BEL)  
  • Racks & Radio parts to Indian navy through ECIL.  
  • Battery Trays for Torpedo through HBL.  
  • Signal Conditioner Processor Boxes for defence projects (EMI/EMC Compatable)/ Design, Development and supply of INS mounting systems.  
  • Telemetry Housing for defence application.  
  • Para Grid Antenns’s for Defence application, Consoles, IFR Poles / Camera Poles & Monitor Systems.  
  • Telescopic Masts  
  • Dummy Missiles & Pressure Pods & Testing jigs & Guide rail Jigs.  
  • Missile Lifting beams.  
  • Logging winches & Cable winches for various Applications.  
  • Morse Keys/ RCU Connectors/ Hook front panels. 
  • Aluminum chassis fabrication for AFEH with EMI/EMC compliance.  
  • T – 72  & T- 90 Simulator Mockup  
  • Brackets & Covers for missiles.